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Group Goal:

Laid Back Launch Pad: Kicking Back and Launching Forward - Your Concept to Company Journey Begins Here!

Welcome to a fresh and innovative group with a brand-new concept! Our goal is to provide entrepreneurial individuals or those with business ideas a platform to connect, brainstorm, strategize, and discuss their concepts. It's a space where people can explore potential business development partnerships in a secure and inspiring environment.

In the realm of business, true allies can be scarce, and success may attract unexpected disruptions. Recognizing that not everyone wishes the best for others is a harsh reality. While disheartening, understanding, and embracing this mindset early on can be instrumental.

Effectively compartmentalizing your personal and business spheres enhances your chances of achieving lasting success in the entrepreneurial journey.

This is the "Why" behind the Group.

Rest assured, there's no pressure for overwhelming pitches in front of large crowds. Nevertheless, consider this a fantastic opportunity to refine your pitch skills. We are a collaborative network that aspires to contribute positively to people's futures.

Session Goal:


Idea Generation and Conceptualization:

 Identify a Problem or Opportunity: Consider problems that need solving or opportunities in the market.


Evaluate Viability:

Assess the potential demand, market size, and competition for each idea.


Brainstorm Ideas:

Generate multiple concepts and explore their feasibility


Basic Business Planning

Brainstorm: Outline Revenue Streams: Determine how your business will make money.

Moving forward, to the next steps:

  • Market Research, Legal Considerations, Product/Service Development, Business / Company Setup.

  • Brand Development, Financial Management, Operational Setup, Marketing and Launch, Monitor and Adaptation…


I propose fostering a collaborative process to support each other in our journeys. This involves pairing skillsets and providing a secure space for individuals to refine features within their businesses.

Resources will be available, and when presenting to Venture Capitalists, a team of select individuals may make themselves available for assistance in presentations.

As the world evolves, let's collectively "pay it forward" and assist like-minded individuals in achieving success.

Exciting times ahead as we embrace the challenges of Concept to creation. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

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