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Adding Color to Your Story - Tattoo Art Portfolio by Erika

A 22 Years, experienced artist, Erika, is passionate about creating beautiful, custom pieces that reflect your individual style and personality. She understands the importance of scar cover tattoos and is dedicated to providing a quality service that exceeds your expectations. Whether you are looking to cover up an old tattoo or get a new one, you can trust Erika to make your vision come to life.

A Gallery of Erika's Work is below.


To Contact Erika about a Custom Design email: Erika

The Studio Address is: Heart & Soul Tattoo Brisbane, 16 Corrie Street, Chermside.

To Book in and pay for your session, with Erika, see below:

Tattoo Client Testimonials

Erika was amazing and so caring and understanding and helped me get my confidence back by covering my scars with her amazing tattoo work. I was so happy that I came back and got some more work done! I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to cover up any scars they have!
Thank you Erika!

Erika is by far the best tattooist! My whole family have been tattooed by Erika but today my mum got a meaningful tattoo done. It is a photo of my dads face as a portrait. She got this because he has suddenly passed away. It is identical to the picture that we gave Erika. Thank you so much for doing this for my mum!!

Erika is the best. She makes you feel at home, confident, comfortable and she is so gentle. She listens and you end up with an awesome tattoo, a great experience and friend for life. I have had the pleasure of 3 sessions with Erika and 5 tattoos, I literally travelled from Sydney to Queensland to see this amazing lady, wouldn't go anywhere else

Erika is hands down the best tattoo artist I've seen so far. Very professional and best at what she does.

Me along with my friends got our first tattoo from her and we are very happy with the tattoos. We are planning to get our tattoos from her on here onwards and recommend all our friends as well.
Keep up the good work Erika B Armstrong.

I met Erica many years ago and have been a regular visitor for my tattoo needs, her talent is amazing, particularly when you give her a tricky job, like my family tartan tattoo she completed for me. I recommend her to friends plus bought my brother a session with her as a Christmas gift. Given the opportunity I will be back ASAP with Erica to get more work done . Highly recommended tattoo artist in my opinion.

I love this place and also my tattoo artist Erika Armstrong, she is so talented and experienced,to be honest I have done all of my tattoos with her and guess how many tattoos I have? Well around 30 and she inked all of them, I am so happy that I found this place and of course her, believe me you going to love it when you inked by her and you will definitely come for more.

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